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is a successful entrepreneur, who is the owner of The Credit Connoisseur, LLC. She is also referred to as a Consumer and Business Credit Success Coach, the Maven of Money, the Money Missionary, The Financial Moses, the Guru of Gwop, the Economic Evangelist, the Fiscal Architect for Urban Communities and the Diva of Dollars and The Plug for the City that keeps all the entrepreneurs lit. She is a Financial Services Professional, Consumer and Business Finance Success Coach, Credit Education and Restoration Solutionist. A Financial Literacy Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaker, a Business Lending Relationship Manager, a Credit and Finance Counselor to Pre-release/Returning Citizens in the State of Ohio and a Financial Literacy Strategist for high-school aged students in urban areas. These are a few of the many other titles that Shaundretta Boykins possesses. She is also a passionate Published Author, International Money Motivational Speaker and International Financial Workshop Facilitator. A Visionary, a Business Mentor, Coach and a Trusted Advisor.

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